Microsoft's Communication, Collaboration, and Content Management Platform

Solve common workplace challenges around communication and collaboration with a collaboration solution designed to help everyone in your organization involved in a common task, or working in teams to achieve their goals. With the ability to share documents and rich media you enable your employees to be more effective when it comes to working together in geographically dispersed teams by providing tools that aid communication, collaboration and problem solving.

EASI provides SharePoint solutions and implementation support for companies of any size, but with an emphasis on large enterprise environments. From Architecture and Design, to Implementation and Development, EASI delivers outstanding knowledge, value, and experience.

A collaboration & collaboration platform based on Microsoft SharePoint enables all employees within your organization to reach and work together with colleagues and find the information they need quickly, easily, wherever and whenever they need to.

Share information with peers across your organization by:

  • Having a single repository for all documents and allow colleagues to collaborate in real time.
  • Managing social feeds to stay on top of content relevant to their task.
  • Engaging in discussions with experts.
  • Accessing data from anywhere via any device.

Organize your information, people and projects by:

  • Keeping documents in sync and providing access to them from any location.
  • Creating single location sites for your team to organize their content, share their ideas and manage projects.
  • Organizing personal and team tasks from within Sharepoint and integration into Microsoft Outlook & Project.
  • Managing project email and documents in one place.

Search for information relevant to the project through:

  • SharePoint search to find information within your company with personalized results based on intent and history.
  • Connecting with experts within your company or external stakeholders.
  • Driving insight using PowerPivot to combine data from multiple sources to enable objective decision making.
  • Building dashboards to share role based data with others.
Photo of Mark Ferraz

Mark Ferraz

Chief SharePoint Guru Extraordinaire

Mark started with SharePoint when it first came out in 2001. Since he's written two books about it, delivered projects for some of the world's largest and most diverse companies with it, and seen it evolve to the sprawling anchor platform it is today.