The best tool built on top of the Dynamics XRM platform that enables your business to securely extend your Dynamics CRM to external audiences

We designed PortalXRM as a rapid development tool that would allow existing CRM implementations to extend a portal in a matter of days. The solution leverages CRM as its design surface and requires no HTML or additional skills.  Here are some of many features associated with our PortalXRM solution.

  • CRM forms, views, JavaScript, etc., can be converted with ease into its portal counterpart.
  • Fastest solution of its kind.
  • Offers a robust hierarchy of security, which can be simple or granular.
  • Two-step deployment which allows portal admins to decide when to publish CRM changes to PortalXRM.
  • Plugin deployment model and simple deployment of portal commands.
  • All activity record types are completely supported.

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