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Social Pane Notes Control is not displaying proper tabs

The following will help you if you are unable to see your Activities or Posts on the Notes control.

Please note that this is provided as is, without warranty.  Perform these steps at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any issues this may cause.

As you can see, the notes control is not displaying Activities or Posts.

Open the form editor and press F12 (using Chrome in this example).  See the red boxes below? Make sure it matches your screen.

In the console, type isMergeButtonClicked = true as shown in the image below.  Now press Enter.

Now press the Save button on the form editor.  Be sure to read the message, then press OK.

Press Publish and wait for it to complete.  Double-click the notes control and change the default tab (if it's on Notes, then change to Activities.  We just need to toggle it to force a change.  Press Ok, then Save the form again an publish.

Now go back to the CRM record and press Ctrl+F5 in your browser to force the form to refresh.  You should now be able to see the Activities and Notes tab.  To make the Posts show up, you need to configure Posts in settings.  If it does not show up there, it will need to be added back to the site map.