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Showing multiple leads for the same company

If you're working with a lead record you may be unaware of the existence of other lead records from the same company; this solution solves that problem.


The Get Related Leads solution parses the emailaddress1 field on the lead record to get the domain part and then injects a filter into the subgrid (pictured below) so that only leads with that matching domain are displayed in the subgrid.  Also, the solution includes a view that you can modify after import but you may notice that the view's filters prevent it from ever showing anything...I do that on purpose so that view doesn't show inaccurate information on load of the form (or cause slowness) and the code removes those conditions and replaces them with the domain matching condition mentioned above.

This is a managed so you can uninstall it if needed. I've linked the JavaScript code down below as well in case you would rather implement on your own.  It requires jquery as well, I used jquery 1.12.3.

Latest Version of Solution Files

Leadsin Same Domain 1 0 0 1 Managed (CRM 2016)

Easi Get Related Leads 1 0 0 1 (JavaScript for anyone who wants to see source)

Previous Releases (all CRM 2016)



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