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Power BI for Dynamics CRM Online

I recently answered a few questions that should help anyone wanting to get started using Power BI Desktop to develop visualizations


1. Is it possible to connect to our custom CRM forms?

2. Am I able to change the field names to be shorter/more appropriate for presentation materials?

3. Why is my data not loading when I go to "Get Data"?

4. Why is my CRM data not refreshing?


1. If you're using Power BI Desktop, and choosing CRM Online in Get Data, then you should see a list of all the entity sets in your targeted system including custom entities, assuming this is what you mean by custom CRM forms.  So in this list, you can pick 1 or more entity sets (you can pick just one and add more later)

2. Once you've chosen the entity set(s), you will be returned to the report screen with a blank workspace.  From here, you will want to click the edit queries button.  Once in this screen, I would suggest clicking choose columns, unselect all of the columns and then choose only the columns you're intersted in and press ok.  AS you make these changes you will see them logged on the right nav bar under a box titled "Applied Steps", this is important because after you choose your columns you will see a step named "Remove Other Columns", if you wanted to add back any columns you would click the gear icon on that step and choose those other columns you wanted to add back.  The other important note is that some of the data types are complex, you can tell this is the case when a cell is showing "Record" instead of a value that you expect....in the header of this column you will see an icon with arrows pointing in opposite directions, click this arrow and select the underlying value and the column will be updated to now display the information you really want instead of the top-level object.  Finally, you can rename any column by right-clicking on the column header and choosing rename.  Once you're done in this screen, click the Close & Apply button in the ribbon to return to the report screen where you will be able to choose your visualization control type and select the fields you want to populate that control.

3. I'm not sure why your data wouldn't load but I had the same issue when using Power BI web....I didn't have any issues like that from Power BI Desktop...nor did I have any issues once I published the Power BI Dashboard from my Desktop to the Power BI Web Dashboard.

4. The datasource I developed in Power BI Desktop was, by default after publishing, not set to refresh on any schedule...so under datasources I adjusted and scheduled the refresh interval.