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Migrating from CRM On-Premise to CRM Online

Migrating from CRM On Premise to CRM Online requires customizations import, data migration, and reports upgrade.

I recently responded to a customer's request for some details on what it would take to migrate to CRM online from CRM on premise so I thought I would post a few bullet points for reference.

  • There is a promo license for existing office 365 customers CRM Online Professional Add-On to Office 365 is only available in a 1-year term so the license is $50 per user but has to be paid in full for 1 year.
  • CRM Online has data charges of 9.99 per GB per month over the allotted 5GB that comes with the system. CRM on-premise database should be checked to estimate data usage charges that may be incurred.
  • Customizations should import into CRM online without any issues. Can test with a trial.
    • Custom Reports will not upgrade without manually converting from SQL to Fetch. We can do some of this using a tool http://www.sql2fetchxml.com/
      • Need to confirm how many custom reports that are in use where SQL commands are being used for the datasource
  • SmartConnect and Scribe both work with CRM Online so integration to back office ERP isn’t an issue but upgrading an integration would take time and redesign if SQL commands were being used to extract data from CRM.
  • Data migration is the biggest issue because we need a tool to do that, such as SmartConnect or Scribe. We can also write custom code to migrate the data but unless you’re only migrating a few entities it would likely cost more to do it custom.