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Microsoft Cloud Support

These instructions enable us to provide support for all of your Microsoft Cloud products including Exchange, Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Azure & more

You can accept our partner invitation below so that we may provide you with administrative support.  Accepting our invitation does not change or modify your existing subscriptions, nor does it change the terms of your existing subscriptions.  It will give us delegated permissions into your Office 365 account so that we may login with our Microsoft Partner account login for the purpose of providing recommendations and support.  

Click here to go to the authorization page (clicking here does not authorize)

After following the link above, you may get this prompt which indicates you have not yet used the new Microsoft Store for Business.  You will need to grant Microsoft's own app permissions to proceed.

If you encounter the step above, then the green bar is to confirm that worked.  You still need to check the box shown below and tap "Authorize" to continue. Our HQ location address and company name will show in this authorization screen. 

That's it! 
** If you need to remove a partner's permission from your Office 365 instance, you can tap on the partner's name and tap the "Remove delegated permissions" button

We provide support for all of the Microsoft Cloud products, including but not limited to:

Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Support, Marketing
Business Central
Teams & Voice
Office 365
OneDrive & SharePoint
Exchange, Messaging & Security
Azure & Related Services