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Adding Guest Users to Dynamics...the Missing Step

If you're trying to get a guest user into Dynamics 365 then you might be waiting a while without this missing step

If you've followed the steps outlined in the article linked below, and you still aren't seeing your guest users in the Dynamics 365 User list...or if you've just assigned a license to a regular user and you want to force them to appear right away, then you will find the new security tab in the powerapps admin center useful.  Keep in mind, that before you try this additional step, you must have already assigned the license to the user.

Open admin.powerapps.com and choose the Environment. Then, click the Security tab and enter the user's e-mail they sign in with and press add.  After that, you can click on the Assign security roles button at the bottom and it will take you directly to the Dynamics 365 User list where you will see this user.  This also appears to force sync any other pending users.

Here is the article showing you how you can add a guest user and assign them a Dynamics license from the Azure AD UI: